New Faith Communities

New Life, New Churches

New Faith CommunitiesNew Church Development is much more than chasing growing population centers. It is the call to share a Christian witness through the Presbyterian tradition into particular and diverse communities. Therefore we are called to establish different types of vital congregations in different communities, whether they are large or small.
-New Church Development Vision, Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area 2004.

Encourage 10 churches to launch new, distinct faith communities in the following 3 years, and welcome new faith communities into fellowship of Presbytery.
-PTCA Strategic Plan, 2010.

The Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area exists for the purpose of helping its congregations and minister members thrive in the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ. (PTCA, Mission Statement and Design, Approved by the Presbytery May, 1997)

We desire to reclaim our Presbyterian Heritage of starting new churches. Every church in our Presbytery at one point did not exist and came into existence because a group of people were led by the Spirit to risk the formation of a new faith community.

The Holy Spirit always leads the church to change. New Church Development is one way that the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area can respond to the work of the Spirit.

There should be no geographical area in the Twin Cites Area Presbytery that is void of a Presbyterian presence. The Presbyterian Church has a unique theology, mission, and polity that is important for the development of every neighborhood in our geographic area.

One strength of our Presbyterian tradition is a combination of personal faith and social witness. Holistic evangelism and holistic mission interconnect in sharing the whole gospel with the whole person in their own cultural context. The future of our denomination partly will be determined by churches who proclaim the whole Gospel.

Take a look at the PTCA’s newest faith communities.

Chain of Lakes (NCD) – Chain of Lakes is a new community of faith in the Northern Twin Cities Metro Area (Blaine, Lino Lakes). Led by organizing pastor Paul Moore Chain of Lakes is a “Christian community where Strangers become friends, Friends become disciples, Disciples impact the world.” Find out more at

Kenyan Christian Outreach Fellowship- KCOC is the Presbytery’s first immigrant fellowship, located in Roseville.  KCOC has proven to be a blessing for many who call themselves members of KCOC family. They come together to share their joy, their sorrows and mostly their believes that God has a place to mentor or intervene in their lives and those of their families and friends. Most have come to seek spiritual strength from one another and first and foremost to Praise our God almighty in different languages including Kikuyu, Swahili, and English as dictated by each situation.
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