The Resource Center for Churches is a network of faith communities pooling their experience and wisdom to equip leaders for vibrant ministry.

Gathering the recommendations of its users, the RCC shares web, video, print, curriculum, labyrinths, and other resources for faith formation and all areas of church life.  All PTCA leaders are welcome to contact the RCC for consultation and access to outstanding ministry resources.  See their FAQ

Connect with the RCC to ask any resource question or to borrow materials.
Email: info@rcc-mn.org
Call: 612-870-0861
or visit at the
Minnesota Church Center
122 Franklin Ave. W.  Suite 2
Minneapolis, MN  55404
Tuesday-Friday noon-4 and by appointment

Visit rcc-mn.org to see what's new and spark your imagination.  Find the best resources on popular topics, accessible information on curriculum, and top web links for ministry.

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