Steps for Seekers

Contact: Laurene Lafontaine or Luke Roske-Metcalfe at
  1. Contact the CPM Chair to notify him/her of your interest in coming under care of the Presbytery’s Committee on Preparation for Ministry.
  2. Talk to your pastor to discuss your sense of call to ministry as a Teaching Elder
  3. Attend a Seeker Seminar - offered once a year – Summer
Initial Assessment Requirements
  • Seeker Seminar attendance
  • Active in a congregation for at least 6 months
  • Meet with your pastor to discuss your sense of call to ministry as a Teaching Elder
  • Background Check completed through Praesidium
  • Psychological Assessment completed through North Central Ministry Development Center
  • Endorsement from your Session
Once the above requirements have been met – contact the CPM Chair who will:
  1. review your materials
  2. set up an interview date with the committee
  3. assign a CPM Advisor for you to work with through this process

Required Application Materials (due 2 weeks prior to your scheduled interview)

  1. Form 1A – Application to be Enrolled as an Inquirer (completed by applicant)
  2. Form 1B - Questions for Reflection (completed by applicant)
  3. Form 1C – Financial Planning for Theological Education (completed by applicant)
  4. Form 1D – Session Evaluation and Recommendation (completed by Session)
  5. Reference Request form – this is due as soon as your interview date is SCHEDULED
    1. Must have references from your pastor and a professor (or supervisor if not in school)
    2. The presbytery office will send your references the required reference forms
    3. Reference forms (completed by each reference and sent directly to presbytery office)
    4. Official college transcript(s)
      1. from all schools attended
      2. must include graduation/degree if appropriate
    5. Official Seminary transcript(s)
      1. from all schools attended
      2. must include graduation/degree if appropriate
    1. Form 2B – Covenant Agreement and Inquirer Release
      1. signed by inquirer and clerk of session
      2. CPM chair will sign after interview with CPM

At the CPM Meeting
  1. You, your pastor and your session liaison will meet with the committee as a whole group. The committee will ask questions of your materials submitted, your sense of call, your ministry experience, church experience, etc.
  2. Following this group time, you will leave the room and the committee will have an opportunity to ask questions of your pastor and session liaison.
  3. Your pastor and session will join you outside the room and the committee will discuss your application and vote on whether to receive you as an inquirer.
  4. All of you will be invited back in the room and provided the vote is in the affirmative the following forms will be completed:
    1. Form 2A – Report of Consultation Regarding Application to Inquirer
    2. Form 2B – Final Signature by CPM Chair

CPM will report its action of receiving you as an Inquirer at the next stated meeting of the Presbytery.

  1. Seeker Seminars – these are arranged and led by members of the Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM). Registration is required. Information and registration forms will be found on the presbytery website  at Seeker Seminars
  2. Background checks are required by the Presbytery and are initially requested by the Clerk of Session and completed by an outside organization called Praesidium. The presbytery office manager will send you the required documents for completion and signature via email.  Please watch for this email and submit it promptly.
  3. Psychological Assessments are generally completed by LeaderWise (formerly North Central Ministry Development Center (NCMDC)) in New Brighton. Their website is: You are responsible for contacting them to arrange for your assessment. The fee is roughly $1,200 – currently shared between your church (50%), the CPM (40%) and you (10%). NCMDC bills the Presbytery in full after completing their written report. The Presbytery will notify you and your church when the payment is due.
  4. Forms all forms are found on the presbytery website.

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