Other Committees

Bills and Overtures Committee

Chair: Peter Soulen
Email: bando@ptcaweb.org

Committee meets on an "as needed" basis.

The Bills and Overtures Committee reviews all of the proposed amendments to the Constitution from the General Assembly and recommends a position on each to the Presbytery. It also receives Overtures from committees, mission teams, or sessions, reviews them and presents them to Presbytery with recommendations for action. It may review Overtures submitted to GA by Synods or other Presbyteries and present them to Presbytery with a recommendation to concur.

Committee on Representation

Chair: Paula Sanders
Email: cor@ptcaweb.org

Meeting times and places to be determined.

The Committee on Representation works with the Nominating Committee, Personnel Committee, and Presbytery Council to implement the principles of inclusiveness and affirmative action in employing personnel and membership on the various entities within the Presbytery.

Its main functions are advising and advocating for inclusiveness in the decision making of the Presbytery; it can make recommendations to correct imbalances.

Permanent Judicial Commission

Email: pjc@ptcaweb.org

Committee meets on an "as needed" basis.

The PJC considers and rules on all remedial or disciplinary cases that are transmitted to it, according to powers granted it in the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Personnel Committee

Chair:  David Colby
Email: personnel@ptcaweb.org

Meets approximately every other month.  Times and location vary.

The Personnel Committee administers personnel matters for the Presbytery staff according to the Book of Order and Presbytery policies.  It develops personnel policies, position descriptions, and employment criteria.  It also conducts staff reviews and recommends compensation and benefits.  It oversees the use of staff time.  It may provide training for local personnel committees upon request.  It reports to Presbytery through the Presbyterian Leadership Team.

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